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Cornerstone Advisors Group’s Story

Our Commitment

At Cornerstone Advisors Group, LLC, we help you navigate through your financial life decisions. As your financial guides, our job is to look at all aspects of your financial journey and integrate them to create your personalized roadmap. If you experience obstacles or changes to your path, we are here to help you adapt. We offer traditional wealth management services such as investment planning, tax planning, insurance analysis and estate planning to help move you forward. In addition, we offer other important but less common services, some of which include car purchase negotiations, mortgage lending analysis, and debt reduction strategies. We encourage you to enjoy life in the present as you plan for your future and our focus is to help bring you security while doing so.

Our Value

We analyze and review the things that are important to you. By having one professional team work on your plan, we can help save you time and money. We are not proprietary and are free to offer you the products and services that are suited to fit your needs. We are committed to helping you take action and implement our agreed upon strategies, and we regularly review and work on your case, even when you may not have the time or desire to do so. The goal of our holistic financial planning approach is to provide you financial fortitude while simplifying your life.

The Difference

We are different because we ask goal-driven and thought-provoking questions which allow you, and us, to think about what is truly important to you. We listen and develop a customized solution for you and the courses of action to attain the solution are a collaborative effort. Our approach is not to react to what happens but rather to be proactive with your planning. Unlike many firms, our focus is not solely on your investable assets, your net worth or whether or not you have a low or high risk tolerance. Instead, our focus is on you and to help you reach your personal goals not just for tomorrow but for today. Regardless of your financial standing, you will always be treated with a sincere level of respect. At Cornerstone, we are different and that is a good thing.